Welcome to toxicpsds, where we will be posting various psds for you to use. please like the post if you are downloading any, thank you!

PSD#26 by Toxicpsd: dl

why you guys not posting :/ ?

we’re just busy i guess! but if youd like you can check out my new psd blog where i post my own psds. i try to post regularly on there (:

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PSD #25 by toxicpsds: dl

PSD#24 by Toxicpsds: dl

Why I can´t go to the screencap psd?

what do you mean?

you're using an icon from rainbowcolorings lol...

yes and?

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PSD #23 by toxicpsds: dl

screencap psd for gossip girl please?

sure (:

becca i downloaded all your psds, and they are great, but they are kind of the same! could you please make different psds, because i have been following this blog for a long time and you used to make the best psds (still do) but they're a little bit too similar boo, thanks :)

they all look kinda similar because I try and make them fit the current popular style of psds people use. but if you get all the psds I’ve posted and try them all on the same picture you can almost always tell a distinct difference, you just might not notice as much in the previews

PSD #22 by toxicpsds: dl

PSD#21 by Toxicpsds: dl

PSD#20 by Toxicpsds: dl

hey which action you used here sweetie provide me the link too /?? /post/89163661864/psd-19-by-toxicpsds-dl-works-on-all-pictures

I didn’t use an action, just smart sharpen (:

zay and becca are the reason this blog is famous, god bless both of you for making it easier to photoshop with your amazing psds and there's also proof, like all your psds have so many notes, you guys are amazing!<3

wow that means a lot, thank you so so much!

when will you change your sidebar, hope you guys upload an even better one, i like this one but it's getting a bit old now babies, love your psds <3

thank you and I know I’m sorry I agree, but I currently don’t have my computer (I’m on my phone right now) so I can’t really change anything as far as the appearance aspect of our blog goes but as soon as I get my computer back I’ll switch things around a bit!